Skype now generates two billion minutes of calls a day

In just a few days, the many millions of the desktop Windows Live Messenger users will have to use Microsoft's Skype service. The transfer begins on April 8th, and once that happens, Skype could see a big boost in chat traffic.

However, Skype is pretty big on its own. Today, the official Skype blog announced a new milestone for the VoIP service; it now generates a whopping two billion minutes of calls every single day. The blog states, "That’s enough time to travel to the moon and back over 225 thousand times, walk around Earth more than 845 times or travel to Mars more than 5,400 times."

The blog also includes an infographic, shown below, that offers up some more "two billion minutes" stat comparisons for everyone to enjoy and/or ponder. Two billion of anything is a lot.

Microsoft will continue to expand the reach of Skype in the coming months. The company has confirmed that it will bring Skype integration to its email service at some point. Microsoft has also been hiring people to work on a team that will eventually bring Skype to the Xbox 360, and most likely the next generation Xbox game console.

Source: Skype blog | Image via Microsoft

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Can somebody at MS please fix the issue with being unable to chat with Facebook contacts in Skype for Desktop? Also, it would be nice to add this feature into Skype for RT before shutting down WLM & Messaging.. It's annoying that after I have demonstrated the all in one uniqueness of WLM & Messaging on RT/WP7/8 MS is now taking it all away.. I wonder why Skype tech wasn't just built into Windows Messaging instead of a separate Skype app!!

Unlike like other companies *cough Google with Motorolla cough* I think Microsoft made a very well thought out decision to acquire Skype. I think its definitely going to pay off in the long run, like most things they do.

Will be even more when they make it the communication platform of the next xbox.

Still think they should be doing more with skype though.... create a lte data network (probably too late now but they could partner with somebody) and put out a phone that uses skype to call then allow any windows 8 device to use it (for a fee). I would gladly pay $70 for an unlimited data that could work on my phone, tablet and home.

I really think you got something there! However, without a Telco partner it would be hard to get any licenses for LTE frequency due to the cartel that is the old Ma' Bell off-shoots. I'm certain as the Telco start to lower usage on voice communication and increased data usage they will start to try to milk MS or try to regulate them..

There are already actual Skype phones out there. I remember reading a PC World article about it a couple years ago...

Not sure if they're still around or not...