Skype price plan claims 'more for less'

VoIP provider Skype has rolled out a new pricing plan that eliminates per-minute charges in favour of a connection fee for certain calls. SkypePro subscribers will now be charged a connection fee of €0.039 to place a domestic call to a landline, regardless of the length of the call.

The programme will be launched in Europe, and Skype plans to have the new system in place worldwide by the end of the year. Stefan Oberg, general manager of Skype Telecoms, said that the plan was based on the success of subscription-based programmes in the US and the UK.

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3c a connection? That's not bad at all, I don't see what the problem is, It'd certainly be a lot cheaper for me and I use skype as a replacement for a landline telephone.

dont like this choice, i make many calls but most of them are less than 3-4 minutes, so it's become more expensive