Skype releases update after iOS 7 user feedback

Skype has rolled out an update specific to Apples iOS 7 after receiving feedback from users, and also noted that they have greatly improved the startup time for the app.

  • A redesigned sign in screen that makes it easier to sign in with a Skype ID or a Microsoft account.
  • A new permissions pop-up for iOS7 to use the microphone for calls and for audio or video messages.
  • Additional fixes and performance improvements.

The new 4.14 version of Skype is supported on iPhone 3GS and above, all generations of the iPad and iPad Air, and the iPod Touch from the 3rd generation and up.

You can grab the latest version on the Apple App Store, providing you are on iOS 5 or above.

Source: Skype | Image: Gizmodo

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efjay said,
But feedback from WP users is completely ignored. Typical apple-loving Microsoft.

totally normal.... because there are by far so more users on iOS and Android than WP, remember WP is a baby OS still

You have to understand that Microsoft makes money from Skype, and that reducing their market or not keeping their user base happy sucks. It shouldn't matter what device you use; this isn't Google after all.

I stopped using Skype when they introduced ads. But now I noticed the ads are gone again. Is there any particular reason why they keep switching those on and off?

Just side load the app. Oh wait

On the topic of iOS Skype - Other than the start up time, why are these changes iOS specific, or even iOS 7 specific? I would have thought a sign in screen redesign would be a cross platform fix? Permissions I'm assuming are a new iOS 7 feature but other than that I can't see any "fixes" that stem from user feedback, or at least, none of significance or they'd have mentioned them?

The style was updated for iOS 7 and the startup times were specific to iOS 7 too. Just saying. It says so in the source that the update comes from feedback of iOS 7 as well lol

The UI was already updated to iOS7 style with the previous update (4.13) but for some reason, they left the sign in screen and a few popups with the same pre iOS7 UI which looked really inconsistent. That's what most users were complaining about which I guess they took care of along with reducing start-up time. Hardly newsworthy I'd say.

More newsworthy would be that you can now download Nokia Camera app on non Pureview devices via a loophole but I don't see anything on Neowin about that.