Smart Camera coming to all Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices

Nokia's newly announced Lumia 925 smartphone is the latest addition to its growing lineup of Windows Phone 8 products. One of the apps that will be included in the 925 is Smart Camera, which adds a number of image enhancements and effects to pictures taken with the smartphone.

In a post on the official Nokia blog, the company announced that the Smart Camera app in the Lumia 925 will be made available to all of its Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets, either as a software update or pre-loaded for future shipping units for those phones.

One of the special effects that can be added to pictures taken with the Smart Camera is Action Shot. As seen in the video above, the effect combines images of a moving object, like a person, and combines them into one shot. Another new effect is Motion Focus, which blurs the background of an image while keeping the main subject in focus, giving the look that the subject is in fact moving at a fast speed.

The Smart Camera app will also have image enhancement features like Remove Object to get rid of things you don't want to appear in a photo, and Change Faces, which lets the user alter images of people by changing their heads and other objects so they look the best in the final photo.

Source: Nokia

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WP8 only? Any specific reason by it hasn't been made in the joint framework that works with WP7.8? The newest 7.8 device only came out in November so they aren't old.

and this is any i prefer nokia over any phone manufacture for windows phone 8, they care for the OS and im glad they didint go the andriod route or else that would of been it for nokia D: and we wouldnt have any of thses apps and enhancements that we have and will get later on