Snow Leopard nearing completion

A report from Apple Insider this morning announced that Apple's next version of the OS X operating system, named 'Snow Leopard' 10.6 is nearing completion.

This news comes as Apple is said to have notified its beta testers that they have simplified the API's and a new architecture that makes it easier for developers to take advantage of Mac's with multiple processing cores.

This is good news for developers because they can now turn their minds to testing their Snow Leopard version of their applications, secure in the knowledge that any more major changes will not force them to make drastic alterations to their code. Apple Insider states that:

' can also be seen as a sign that the operating system upgrade if one step closer to reaching a final developmental stretch that will focus on stability and optimization'.

The operating system is expected to be released sometime this summer; a rough time which is concurrent with the promise Jobs made at its keynote release last year.

Source: Apple Insider

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Yawn, finally a response to say (hey where also there) when they get no interrest/attention with all this Win7 news. (nice os ^^)
Well... those posts are better than the fake marketing lies telling each and every day what they want to buy and overtake now just to gain attention ^^

Solid Knight said,
Can't wait to see it.

Though, I wonder what's going to happen when they run out of cat names? OS X 10.9 Domestic Shorthair

OSX Snuggles.

thealexweb said,
For something thats nearing completion we've seen very little of it.

It's Apple. WWDC should reveal most of it.

I wonder what background they are gonna use... Maybe that cool blurry pink one of the current Leopard one, they could like photoshop the Leopard one and remix it to show how it is still Leopard but then it is not Leopard. I know that was random lol.