Snow Leopard to bring a new 'marble' appearance?

Apple has always said that the new version of OS X dubbed "Snow Leopard" would be about performance gains and not new visuals. With that in mind it has been circulating the web in resounding fashion that Apple will release a new theme for OS X when the product is launched.

A mockup (below) gives a possible rendering of what the new theme may look like. There is not much else to go on but when a story gets this big it generally means there is some credibility behind the source.

Keep your eyes peeled as it is expected that this theme will be unveiled anytime between now and the upcoming WWDC. Was Apple trying to drop a big surprise by saying that the focus was under the hood rather than on appearance, we don't know yet, but hopefully soon the truth will come into the light.

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Maybe all the people complaining and moaning should wait before the actual interface has been announced. Currently Snow Leopard looks 99,9% the same as Leopard, so currently there's no telling how the final interface will turn out.

That's not marble. That's the clouds in the sky of the movie showing through the semi-transparent title bar.

IceBreakerG said,
Is that screenshot of the new Quicktime Pro? I like the overlay controls, but not sure what application that is.

That is a mockup of Quicktime X. The UI elements fade away so you're left with just the movie you're watching and a drop shadow for depth.

Its not much different. Scrollbars and radio buttons. The rest have already been in use in some form. I do like the current scrollbars better but they don't fit in with everything else.

****in finally! I've seen this same damn story on a bunch of sites talking about major or striking changes. How is replacing the out of place elements in Leopard anything major? It's not a "new" marble interface its the same one we've been using in Tiger and more so in Leopard. The only difference is they will replace the crap they forgot about the first time around. Big deal. Also that Quicktime rendition looks stupid. It's not going to have glossy titlebar or colored buttons. It most likely will look like their huds or QuickLook windows do.

I read what they said, and it sounds more like just a quicklook titlebar overlayed over the video. I think AppleInsider tried to make it more than it was. Colored buttons is distracting and out of place.