Software Sim Unlocks the Apple iPhone

Since the day the iPhone, which is locked to use on the AT&T Mobility Network, was released to the masses, people around the world have been trying to find a means of unlocking the phone for use on any GSM network. Some messy hardware hacks had surfaced over the past few weeks, but nothing the average Joe could easily do.

Recently, however, the guys over at Engadget received a call from the development team from They claimed they had a working piece of software that could effectively and easily unlock the Apple iPhone and wanted to prove it for all to see. After only a few minutes, the Engadget iPhone was unlocked and running on the TMobile network. Calls, text messages and EDGE data all work fine. Heck, with a little manual activation, YouTube even runs flawlessly. Of course, the visual voicemail feature is one that will not carry over to other networks since it relies on a proprietary AT&T system, but I think we can deal.

Check out the full article for pictures and video of the unlocked iPhone up and running.

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Alright, alright, they unlocked the iPhone, I get the idea!

If you think you're clever by paying for an iPhone then unlocking it, I'm afraid there's one fatal flaw... You paid for the iPhone.

Yeah, way to stick it to Apple. I'm sure they're so bothered.

that was cracked a lot faster than I thought it would take. it's tempting but I will stay clear of a refurbished phone.

majortom1981 said,
Please tell me why i would buy one of these over say a pda phone wich has 3g? Dont they both do the same things?

Yep, when I look at the iPhone I smile at myself to think of the idiots that buy this and think it's ahead of the game.
The only thing that's any good is it can run OSX, it might be handy as a portable computer, otherwise it's features and specs are pretty poor compared to other phones already on the market.
Still, people still buy the iPod when it's clearly not the best music player, but it's all about branding.

Hehe, here in Lithuania some people just bought few iPhones, other are waiting. But maybe it's better to wait for 2nd version, but damn, iPhone exactly what I want from such device. Normal internet everywhere, SSH client and normal browsing. Does it support external BT keyboard?

when is version 1.0 of ANYTHING that good?
Heck, if I were in the market for one of these over priced phones, I'd wait also.
Let the early adopters work out the bugs.

Apple probably released the hack to sell more of these phones, without breaking their deal with AT&T.

The sales of them has been far from spectacular.

This is not a blow to at&t all they have to do is make you sign a contract for service before you buy one. AT&t has nasty fines if you break your contract.

But they don't. You can walk into an Apple store and buy an iPhone. Heck, you can buy a refurb. online with no up-front contract.

betasp said,
But they don't. You can walk into an Apple store and buy an iPhone. Heck, you can buy a refurb. online with no up-front contract.

That's right, $399 for a 4gb refurbished at the Apple Store.

he has a video so i wont dote him lol... yet again that one uses soldering so its not got the advantage of the other one..

in note... that guy looks freaky :S :confused:

Ok, now you have an EXPENSIVE phone you can run on several networks....big deal.
Overpriced........when the price comes down to the 200-300 dollar range, I "might"
take another look.

Don't you have to sign contract with AT&T to buy the phone though?
I don't know how it works in the US but when we get a contract phone you have to pay the monthly fee for your contract length, no matter what, so whats the point in unlocking the phone to use on another network if you still have to pay your AT&T contract?

youtube on the phone? how much is that gonna cost? i once downloaded an 11mb song to my pocket pc, and the bill was like 50 dollars due to the bit rate dealy. i think i'll pass on this whole iphone thing.

I once made that mistake with a 3g phone bluetoothed it to my laptop forgot about windows update and ended up with a £6 data bill for a mere 3mb transfered.

Now I have a data plan with one of the networks :P i get 3gb for £29/mo
Still pretty pricey but much better than £2 per MB

Its quite quick to thanks to HSPDA i pulled 1.5mbit/s with it before :eek:

theyarecomingforyou said,
Erm... won't AT&T be a little annoyed? If Apple doesn't clamp down on this then I imagine a lawsuit coming, as networks pay big money for an exclusive period.

thats true

There are two other ways how to hack it and it works (tested).
But the price of those two is almost 400$. Let's see if this one will be cheaper.

I dont know about the rest of the country but ehre on long island t-mobile has worse reception and call quality then att so why would anybody buy the iphone and use it on tmobiles network?

You missed the point entirely. It's not about just using it on TMobile, but any GSM carrier around the world that supports any of the four main GSM frequencies.

well for one, AT&T is known to disregard your rights, so you wouldn't want to use them regardless of how good/cheap/whatever they are.