Serv-U v7.0.0.1

Serv-U is a powerful, easy-to-use, award-winning FTP server created by Rob Beckers. An FTP server uses the FTP protocol to share files across the Internet. Serv-U is not only 100% compliant with the current FTP standard, but also includes numerous features unique to Serv-U that make it a perfect file sharing solution for virtually everyone.

Download: Serv-U v7.0.0.1 | 4.72 MB (Shareware, Price varies depending on license)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
View: Release Notes | Company Website

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OMFG Friday at work I ready needed a FTP server I was doing a firmware update on a IBM Blade Centre Cisco switch its only method of update was to connect to a FTP server I ended up installing MS IIS

Could not get to Neowin from work as they block it sigh

Not sure why people would pay for an FTP server. FileZilla server gets you there for just about any platform and is free. Linux and Mac have an integrated FTP. If your Windows has IIS (I think XP Pro and Vista Ultimate/Business) then there is an FTP server for you to use. Why exactly would anyone need this FTP server over the free alternatives?

Same reason why you would pay for anything that has a free alternative: better and more reliable product. Spending a couple of dollars to get a robust, easy to configure FTP server on your server shouldn't be something you even consider not doing.

Well... It seems the changelog contains some pretty important changes. They finally updated the GUI to look like a 21st century one. They moved some stuff to worker threads. They added support for some standards (SSH, HTTP access).

It seems like a good update. I wonder... Do they have a x64 version? Did anybody test this w/ Vista x64?