Windows 7: Tweak your logon screen background

Neowin earlier sighted that Windows 7 users can now change their logon screen background. But in order to customize the logon screen, users had to hack the registry and create a new directory for background images. This feature looks like it is probably designed for OEMs where they can put their own logon screen background.

Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic editions do have the options to change the logon screen background but nothing more than choosing Windows default or OEM background

And here is what you get when you choose to change your Welcome Screen

If you do want customize your logon screen backgrounds in Windows 7 and searching for an easier tool than the registry hacks, then look no further than the Tweaks Logon Changer. Tweaks Logon Changer enables you to change your logon screen backgrounds more easily.

Run the Tweeks Logon Changer and select your locally stored custom image, preview the new logon background screen, apply the new logon screen or revert back to the default logon screen.

If your image size is greater than 256k, the Tweaks Logon Changer compresses the image and sets the new logon screen leaving the original image unaltered

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Maybe I should stop reading Windows 7 articles on here, because most of them just make my desire to get 7 when it comes out unbearable.

If all that's involved is a couple of registry key edits, why not just document what those keys are, instead of asking me to blindly trust some random .EXE?

Yes, I understand that the EXE makes it *easier*...but for something as trivial as a couple of reg key edits, I'd still rather do it myself.

Since LogonStudio Vista is still compatible with Windows 7, I may have to stick with that if that means not having to deal with a severely artifacted JPG crammed into no more than 245 kilobytes.

iamwhoiam said,
I haven't noticed any major artifacting, but then again I don't sit and stare at the login screen.

You probably aren't using a high resolution like 1920x1200. For that, 246kB is very little

Baked said,
wow very more 3rd party crap for me then :)

Actually, the software is very simple and you only need to run in once, so technically you won't need 3rd party crap to keep your login screen different, windows keeps it by itself, this software only configures windows to do so.