Windows 7 Gmail notifier application

Neowin member daty2k1 has released a Windows 7 Gmail application.

The notifier is similar to the current official Google notifier application that sits in the system tray and notifies users of new messages in their Gmail inbox.

This version of the notifier is tuned for Windows 7 only and runs as a task bar application:

When the application detects a new mail it shows the following notifications:

You can right click on the app and get Windows 7 jump lists for new emails, associated tasks and program settings:

If you change your Gmail password or you have no internet connection the application will notify you:

Daty2k1 has released this exclusively at Neowin and will address any bugs you have. Feel free to report bugs in this thread.

Download: Gmail Notifier (Windows 7)

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Another one using it on 64 bit Win 7. A little buggy sometimes, but works great for a 1.0 application. Has the potential to leave the offical Gmail notifier in the dust.

Looking forward to see lots of applications coming that take advantage of the new taskbar like this little wonder :)

It's a smart and good looking app, works like a charm, very very nice
I would love to see something like this for other pop accounts too so I don't need to have my client open all the time. Thanks for sharing!

impressive, great work :))
just a question is the little notification number is possible to implement on the little version of the taskbar icone ? :p
or a different color in order to notify there is a new mail.


This is the most handy app for Windows 7 I've seen so far. It really shows Daty2k1 put a lot of thought into it. This is a must have application for users of Gmail and W7.

This is very nice, Good work!

I've one question that might be a little buzz killer for some - What happens with the login details? Just to calm my usually not suspicious side. :P

Yep - you took the fun right out of this for me. Too bad I didn't read this post until after I tried the app! I wasn't even thinking about that. Maybe we'll get an answer soon?

It looks nice, thank you for creating it, I'm going to try it now, will report if I find any problems.

I just installed W7U 32bt and GN+ and though everything is there, it isn't working; nothing shows in Inbox when there is mail in it and Check For New Mail doesn't produce anything. Any ideas as to what is going on? I'd really like to have this feature. Thanks!

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