Some Microsoft Stores may have Surface Pro 128 GB units Tuesday or Wednesday

Late on Friday, Microsoft finally put the 128 GB version of the Surface Pro tablet back up for sale on the Microsoft Store website. However, the bad news is that shipments are not scheduled for orders placed today until March 1st.

You might have better luck in getting the $999 version of the Surface Pro by visiting a retail store, but that's up for debate as well. Neowin called a large number of Microsoft Store retail locations and all of them we talked to said they were currently sold out of the 128 GB version. A few days ago, Microsoft's Surface leader Panos Panay indicated that those stores might get new shipments in this weekend, but that apparently did not happen.

All of the stores we called said they were expecting a shipment of the Surface Pro tablets next week, but some of the store employees we talked to were unsure if that might even happen. A couple of the workers in the stores we contacted said they might get in a shipment on Tuesday or Wednesday, but they were unable to say just how many of the tablets they would be receiving.

It's also possible that even if those stores get new units of the 128 GB version, they could all be claimed by people who had previously reserved a tablet. It's best that if you have any plans to go to a Microsoft Store location, you call ahead to find out if they have any of the tablets in stock. The good news? Nearly all of the stores we called said they did have the $899 64 GB Surface Pro available for sale.

Some Best Buy stores might have some 128 GB Surface Pro tablets on their shelves right now. The Best Buy website lets users check for in-store availability of products and a quick scan shows that a few of them do have the 128 GB version available. All in all, it looks like there are very few of the $999 Surface Pro tablets to go around at the moment.

Image via Microsoft

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I was able to get mine last Tuesday at a BB. I lucked out by being at the right place at the right time (that is if you are anxious to get a 128g surface pro). The delivery truck that was supposed to be there on the previous Saturday but was delayed due to the snow storm. The truck came in on Tuesday and there was a grand total of one 128g surface pro on the truck. The truck just arrived and it had to be unloaded and all the inventory unpacked. Two hours later I had my shiny new surface pro. I must say that these are very well built devices. So far after almost a week I have not had any issues. I love the magnetic charging port, well done MS!!! The chassis is very solid, screen is very good and bright especially outdoors, pen works good. One issue so far for me is the way the pen is stored. MS should have made a dedicated slot for the pen storage instead of using the magnetic charging port. Bad idea because after charging my device I realized that when going out I forgot my pen. I was considering a Samsung Ativ 700 Pro but the build quality was not as good, screen was less bright (nits) and pixels was less.

brent3000 said,
Hopefully this will hit internationally soon

It shouldn't take long unless they can't make enough for the US soon.

Deihmos said,
I saw these in best buy. They don't seem hard to find.

I guess the whole nation has only has 1 best buy, the one you've been to.

Deihmos said,
I saw these in best buy. They don't seem hard to find.

Maybe where you are. Here, there isn't a Surface Pro 128GB in any Best Buy for a hundred miles or more in any direction (12 or more stores), and only two that have a Surface Pro 64GB in stock.