Some Office 2013 preview versions expire Wednesday

Microsoft officially announced Office 2013 in July 2012 and also let anyone download a free preview version of the productivity software suite. Now that the final RTM version of Office 2013 is now on sale, the preview version that was likely installed on millions of PCs is coming to a point where their usefulness will be extremely limited.

As we previously reported, Microsoft stated that the preview version of Office 2013 would only work in a "read only" mode 60 days after the launch of the final version of the product. That means while you can read Office documents with the preview version, it will no longer be able to create new documents or edit previously created ones.

Our own preview version of Office 2013 indicates that it will expire on Wednesday, and our check of our Microsoft Account information shows that the subscription to the preview version ends after today. However, since Office 2013 launched on January 29th, the stated expiration date would seem to be on March 30th, which would also mean that the dates we are seeing are just a few days too early.

We emailed Microsoft and got this message from a spokesperson:

If you have installed or signed up for one of the Office 365 Preview plans, the Preview will expire approximately 30-60 days following general availability in a customer’s market.

So in other words, your mileage may vary depending on when and where you downloaded the preview version.

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Good. I'll be staying with Office 2010. There is no compelling need to upgrade, even more so with the rapacious pricing scheme. Thanks a lot, Microsoft.

Now, if I could just get it to install on a couple of systems that we had wanted to try the preview on.
On four of our systems, the new Office installed fine.
On one of the other two (both at the same store separate from the others), it would not install the preview properly, and now I can't install the final version. On the other, the Preview was installed, but seems to not have removed correctly/completely and the final version won't install. I tried with the disc as well as download.
I've gone through their "help" and removal program. I think I might have to wipe the systems to be able to do it.
Kingsoft Office suite is getting the job done for now, so maybe I will hold on to those two installs for another date if needed.

No I don't but I am employed with a non-profit organization and will be applying for a donation from Microsoft through a program that donates various items, including software, at extremely discounted rates. I think the cost of Office Professional Plus 2013 for less than $10 too.

My copy of Office actually expired today and not tomorrow. I signed up for the free one month trial until we receive our donation.

I've purchased my last 3 versions (2007, 2010, 2013) of Office, Project & Visio through HUP and not once did I see Windows.

No, I'm actually signed up with Techsoup Canada. They offer highly discounted prices on hardware and software for non-profit organizations. If that applies to you, you should really check it out. Very good deals.

My copy expired last Saturday and went into Read-Only mode. I've moved to the Academic trial for an additional three months while my institution works (slowly) to get academic pricing or an enterprise solution. The extra 20 GB of Skydrive storage is nice.