Some Xbox One owners getting extra week of Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft is giving one free week of Xbox Live Gold to at least some Xbox One console owners and it appears the extra credit is due to issues that prevented many users from signing into the service on March 11th.

IGN reports that Microsoft is notifying people of the extra week of Xbox Live Gold via the Xbox One messaging system. The note specifically states that the credit is because Microsoft knows some users "experienced an issue signing in on your Xbox One on 3/11/2014." That's the same day that the highly anticipated first person shooter Titanfall was released for the console.

Unfortunately, many players couldn't sign on Xbox Live Gold to play the game because of those online issues. The problems continued for most of that same day. Microsoft never said what the issue was that prevented users from signing in but the company did say that the Titanfall game itself was not to blame.

It's currently not clear if this extra week of Xbox Live Gold is being given to all people who have a paid subscription or just to those who tried to log into the service on that particular day.

Source: IGN | Image via IGN

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I am assuming failed logon attempts are logged someplace and is how they are going to tell who had problems and who didnt. Otherwise, just give it to everyone. Wouldnt hurt them at all financially and good PR.

watsxn said,
Thats pretty sweet. They didn't have to do anything. But they did.

Everybody wins in the end. People get extra Xbox live time, Microsoft gets inevitable good publicity as people will probably talk about how they got free time.

I got an extra 3 months for having to send back a DOA console that was shipped to me to replace my console that died.

*I got the 3 months from an English speaking CSR, I also got a 1-month card with the DOA console.