Sony announces PS3 2.50 and PSP 5.00 firmware

With a certain other console preparing a large fall update, Sony has decided to release information regarding upcoming firmware updates for both their Playstation 3 and PSP gaming platforms.

Firmware 2.50 for the PS3 will bring about a few new features, including some bluetooth enhancements. The user will now have on-screen access to information such as the volume, battery level, and mute status of their official Sony Bluetooth Headset. In addition, if using the official headset, users will now have access to a "High Quality" mode which will take advantage of the dual microphone design of the headset to improve communication quality. Along with the bluetooth enhancements, the PS3 update will also include support for in-game screenshots (future titles supporting this feature to be announced at a later date), improvements to the Trophy interface aimed at making it more intuitive, thumbnail based scene searching for videos, direct links from the Information Board to the Playstation store, and a power save feature which will power off the console or controllers after a selected period of inactivity.

On the portable side of things, firmware 5.00 for the PSP will bring about direct access to the Playstation Store, thus removing the need to first connect to a PC or PS3 console. Users will be able to download game content, demos, videos and anything else in the store over any available Wi-Fi connection. In addition to the store access, firmware 5.00 will include a full on-screen QWERTY keyboard for web browsing, replacing the mobile phone style pad used now, a sleep timer to be used during music playback, and the ability for compatible PSP's (meaning not the PSP-1000) to output classic Playstation format titles at the full screen size of the connected TV.

Both updates are slated to be released on October 15th.

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the psp 5.00 firmware does NOT give you a fullscreen qwerty keyboard, you get a fullscreen keypad ... just not qwerty.

geez. remind me how much i hate online reporters. they just take in everything without fact checking ... like cheap prostitute ...

Wow, have you guys checked out the new Life With Playstation feature? It's a pretty cool replacement for Folding@Home. You can listen to music while watching a beautiful rendering of the Earth rotate randomly to different cities all over the world. When it stops on a city, the current top headlines in that city are displayed along with its current weather and a live cam shot. All the while, your machine is doing Folding@Home work in the background.

Not happy with firmware v2.50 for the PS3. Numerous features have been removed. The most notable one to me is the "auto sign in/out" feature. Prior to v2.50, and once logged in, you could go to your username and press the green triangle button. This offered numerous features, two of which were the option to turn auto sign in off, and to manually sign out so that when you power your system on to watch a movie, it does not automatically sign in. Sony has now removed these options forcing all users to sign in period for anything!!! I hate this!!!

umm actually auto sign is available under account management now, it has been removed under the buddy list under your account name though. just wanted to inform you and anyone wondering about it

Just noticed that HP and Other (Network Standard) Printers have been added into Printer Settings (for PS3).

5.01 out for PSP too.

Yay. Now the component adapter I got for my PSP 2000 will have a real purpose. On that note I'd expect that DAX would have a custom version for 5.00 soon after it's release. Or I hope anyways. I'll upgrade to it when it is available. Wonder if a custom firmware will break access to the PSN store.

Hey not bad for an update!
I was wondering when would Home go live though! I thought the next firmware took so long because of that feature, but I don't see it listed?

This is waaay off topic, but the new theme on the site looks badass. Also, I haven't turned my psp on in months, the battery is probably completely dead, but I'll still upgrade when the custom firmware is released for v5.00.