Sony announces VAIO T15 Ultrabook with touch

Sony has announced its touch-enabled VAIO T15 Ultabook with touch which features a full HD touch display and runs Windows 8. Unfortunately Sony isn't spilling on what specs the T15 will have, however we know that it will be yours for $950 when it lands in the Spring.

On the announcements Sony said in a press release,

The T Series incorporates Sony's innovative digital imaging and audio technologies, and packs high performance and mobility into a stylishly slim magnesium and aluminum design for daily trips to the office or campus.

Sony also announced an optional touchscreen option for its VAIO T Series 14 Ultrabook, which was first debuted in October, priced at $800 and available in the Spring, and a silver version of VAIO Duo 11 slider.

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Is it just me, or do these look like something out the 90s. I personally don't like the look of them for starters.

Taking my personal preference of the looks out of the equation tho, these seem way overpriced.

If these were super-thin like the macbook air/samsung series 9, I could see starting at 950. But these are regular $400-500 price-ranged laptops w/ a touch screen.

I'm guessing it's just business as usual for Sony, overpricing their products and betting on the Sony 'brand' name.

They've been bundling with mSATA SSDs for caching on almost all their models. I've never seen a 4500**RPM SATA hard drive honestly since 2004 let alone anything less than 5400RPM.

Welcome to the age of SATA drives and the future of Solid State Disks where your WD Velociraptor even cries itself to sleep next to it!