Sony Bravia owners get 'Hancock' before DVD release

Sony has announced that, for a limited time, Bravia Internet Link owners will be able to rent and stream the hit movie, 'Hancock', in 480p or 720p (bandwidth dependent) for $9.95 US before it is available on DVD or Blu-ray. In addition to the pre-release download, consumers who rent the movie and register online will receive a free Blu-ray copy of the movie after it's release date on November 25th.

The Bravia Internet Link module is an attachment designed specifically for Sony Bravia televisions. With the attachment, Bravia owners are given access to free on demand videos including news, sports, music, videos, cooking, travel, television shows, full-length movies and more. Weather and traffic information, provided by Yahoo!, is also available through the Internet Link module.

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And its only positioned 108th in the ranking of popularity, top is prison break, heroes, house and max payne.

ps :my mistake, i hit the "report" button instead of editing.

The only problem I see with Sony/Hollywood doing stuff like this would only promote piracy. That's why I believe in worldwide release dates.

that adaper last i checked was over $200 and didnt have many streams avaliable, aka waste of money, hancock or not

*Edit* just checked, its $300, even more waste of money

Ok, if we ignore the free blu-ray incentive which seems to be a promo... are they seriously suggesting they can charge $9.95 for a streamed rental??

I take it this is for the US only? I have two Bravia's, but I'm in the UK.

Why are there no links in this story?