Sony brings it 'Home' for the PS3

At Wednesday's Game Developers Conference, Sony unveiled Home, an immersive 3D social space created exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Phil Harrison, Sony Computer Entertainment's president of worldwide studios, gave a keynote regarding Home, which is essentially a 3D, avatar-based social environment available to users of the PlayStation 3 network. Home will be available as a public free download this fall, after the large-scale beta in April. Home participants will be able to meet other members, most likely in a main public area known as the "Central Lobby," and communicate through text, audio or video chatting. They will also be able to pipe in, either in public or private theatres, the latest movies or TV shows available through the PS3 network, as well as their own user-created videos. Users will be able to customize their avatars and their small private spaces.

Compared to Second Life, Home appears to be a much more controlled space as Sony will moderate anything meant for public spaces, most likely to ensure that the service remains a family friendly space. But maintaining such control over content creation means devoting large amounts of time and manpower to the vetting process, and that can translate to a significant delay in the approval of content, as well as minimized user creativity. Harrison emphasized the despite some obvious similarities, Home is not a Second Life knockoff: "We've been working on Home for about two-and-a-half years. So we're absolutely aware of other avatar-based (environments), but we're taking a different approach." Although Harisson refused to specify, he said users would be able to create some forms of their own content, they would be able to conduct transactions in exchange for some form of payment and, of course, purchase in-world goods, in-world advertising (Home allows for high-quality, realistic advertising) and business-to-business services like sponsorship opportunities.

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Dear god..... I love computers and video games, but when people start making their TV screen and controller as their social get-togethers, let it be known that humanity has gone one level closer to complete antisocial insanity.

definitly looks cool, between this and a bunch of great future releases coming out on ps3 (re, tekken, mgs, killzone, little big planet, etc.) makes me want to get a ps3! definitly not right now though

I thought this was an "unsubstanciated rumor" according to the SECA CEO which is why they went after that one site for talking about it gota love sony..

I think this will help sell more ps3's . I hate seeing people keep bashing the system. Im a nintendo lover. but i have a ps3 and I use it more then the wii, and xbox 360. I just hope the ps3 shows up the doubters.

Thats good and all... BUT...

MS is a multi billion dollar company... they have had so many years to fix XBL and make it fast and usable... BUT!!!!! using a menu based option makes the whole system slow as it is...

This option is good ajnd i think its amazing (SIms online anyone?) tho when u think abpout it.... u put 5 of ur friends in your House... and all watch a movie... lets say 600MB for it... what if over 1,000 also do this... Microsoft have toruble supporting its menu based system when a new download that everyone wants comes out... will sony be able to maintain+ support all this happening World wide? When i see this working like that preview did... then ill commend them..

think you will find the streamed media stuff will be streamed using your internet bandwidth not their servers. and the rest will be just like an online server for any other game i guess

This is nothing but good news for Sony. This will supercharge the European launch and as long as Sony rolls out some good games (DMC4, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, MGS, Final Fantasy, Lair) they are on their way. ;)

Not to mention, the advertising in home will help Sony pay for the free-ness of the server. Great Job Sony.