Sony chops Price on Blu-ray Player

At a New York press conference, Sony announced its plans to offer a $599 high definition player, specifically the forthcoming BDP-S300 Blu-ray player. The competing HD DVD players are currently even cheaper, but Sony is definitely making an effort if you consider the $1,000 price tag of Sony's current BDP-S1. Music lovers will be happy to know that the BDP-300 can play CDs as well. For non-gaming consumers who do not want a $499/$599 PlayStation 3, Blu-ray has just become far more affordable. This is good news for HD DVD lovers as well; if you ask me, a price battle is exactly what the high definition war needs.

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News source: Ars Technica

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Hmm, they're at least going in the right direction here... :)
What's the price for a comparable HD-DVD player?

Funny with the missing music CD support though!
That should really stand out in big red flashing letters.

Nah, they forgot how to make good electronics years ago. It's a shame too because the name Sony used to mean something. Now all it means is shoddy equipment at high prices and broken promises to the consumer. May they R.I.P when the time comes.

voidunknown said,
Wait, the $1,000 BDP-S1 doesn't even play music CDs? Are you kidding me?

yeah i was shocked to see that too. I didn't know till now. When i was thinking of buying a DVD player i thought i could get rid of my CD Player at the sametime. I didn't buy into BD but yikes, that would have been shocking when you tried to play it and found out that your 1000 player can't even play CDs.

bangbang023 said,
The BDP-S1 can't, so it is newsworthy.

I just can't understand how they could release such a product in the first place, it's not like it would take much effort to make it work.
Btw, what it this? "#1 Posted by on 01 Jan 1970 - 01:00"

They lose money on the PS3 even though they have mass production advantages. A stand-alone player should cost more for now since they technology is still fairly new and sells only to the enthusiast market for now. And you can bet they want to make money on this hardware.

The PS3 isn't even a fully-functioning HD media player. No Blu-ray playback at 720p. Your display will have to drop 1080i to 720p itself. Yuck.

Oh - let me guess - this is going to be covered 'soon' in a 'firmware update' .

It appears you are unaware of how retail works. Especially with new products and especially with electronics. Companies go well into the red when releasing the new product, most of the time it isn't for a few years (sometimes 4) until they start seeing the green again. Its only natural for them to charge a higher price at its launch and lower it as the months/years go by. I wouldn't so much say it was the suckers but early adapters deal with this all the time, thats how the world works. They charge more so they can try and make as much of that green back as they can. If you understood business you wouldn't be so shocked.