Sony cuts Playstation price in US

While Sony is faring well in Japan, sales are lagging in the US. Sony is slashing the price of its PlayStation 3 games console by 17% in the US to boost sales. As a result of the $100 price cut the PS3 will now cost $500 (£249), $20 more than the rival Microsoft Xbox and twice as much as the Nintendo Wii. The Xbox and Wii have been significantly outselling the Japanese firm's PS3 in the US market. The news came as Microsoft said it would not be cutting the Japanese price of its Xbox to lift lacklustre sales. Microsoft made the announcement a week after it said it was spending $1bn to repair problems with the Xbox 360.

News source: BBC News

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Still too much for me to afford and I don't really even use my Xbox360 at the moment, no good games out there IMO plus I work alot. Meh maybe when its about $399.

fareing well in japan? wasnt it only selling 1 unit per 6 wii's sold in japan? anyways didn't sony just deny this price cut last week also?

PS3 will now cost $500 (£249)

LOL, if only that conversion worked in the UK, then they would probably sell better.

wow the quickest i've seen a console get a price cut like this. It will be interesting to see how MS responds. I really doubt they cut the price. If they try to cut it $70-100, that would surely hurt their limited profit margin which they are trying to avoid this time around. It's going to be an interesting E3 press conference from MS.

read the news story one right after this "microsoft readies price cut on 360"... looks like they are going into lower cost fabrication to make it cost less so they can sell it for less

Even with the PS3 price drop, people will still buy the 360s because they will be cheaper than they are now. Sony bit off more than it could chew this time around. They need to learn that just because something says Sony on it doesn't mean it will automatically sell.

The Nintendo 64 dropped £100 in 30 days in the UK, they gave out vouchers for £100 worth of software to the early buyers, I remember laughing at my mate who got one on it's release day.

$500 can get you the PS3, 5 bluray movies (after rebate), and an extra wireless controller (controller offer is at Circuit City at least, not sure other places)

That seems to make it even more reasonable

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