Sony Drops Price of Incoming Blu-ray Player

Sony has announced that its second-generation Blu-ray Disc player, originally set to launch at $599.99 this summer, will ship to retailers this week at a reduced price of $499.99. The BDP-300 will essentially cost half of what players cost at Blu-ray's introduction; both the Samsung BD-P1000 or the Sony BDP-S1 were originally selling for $999.99.

Of course, when the PlayStation 3 hit, one could buy a 20GB machine capable of playing the new, high-def media for $499.99. Sony later discontinued the 20GB PS3, but even the $599.99 60GB machine was cheaper than any standalone Blu-ray player. Samsung also dropped prices for its second-generation offering, the BD-P1200, which comes in at $799.99.

The Sony BDP-300, will finally be the cheapest way to get into Blu-ray Disc players without buying one that comes with a gaming component. In April, a Sony subsidiary said that it was able to increase production of blue-violet laser diodes used in Blu-ray drives. The production jump and lowering prices of components were likely at play for new price of Sony's player.

News source: DailyTech

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They already have players out for both technologies.... ->

I already have a Blu-ray burner, and have evaluated the HD DVD systems..... Anyone that works with technology AT ALL would know to go with blu-ray... Mass consumers that eat the crap lines of company's and don't do the hands on research themselves are the ones that choke on the HD DVD systems. HD saw the technological (not to mention shear data capacity difference) of blu-ray and did massive price cuts, and bundling of movies to ATTEMPT to save their technology. HD is loosing, and its a world wide fact of ANY fair third party poll.

Do they both look good? Yea, sure.... Are they both rippable? Yea sure.... Can you get porn on both? Yea sure... From all those stand points, neither is at an advantage. Blu-ray has more computer writers out, blu-ray has a larger capacity available to the end user's disposal, blu-ray has better read and write speeds on a computer. I bought a Sony blu-ray burner when they were still $600 and I still say it was worth it.

Personally though, I think both industry's are just trying to flush all the existing hardware onto the market right now because technology is moving faster than it has in the past. 25 / 50 GB Blu-ray and 30 GB HD systems seriously are still not enough space for me and am DEFINITELY looking forward to hitachi's new 1 TB Blu-ray system.

- Kelxin

eilegz said,
just get a ps3 its a full gaming machine, computer and blu ray player,

That might be Sony's plan to push more sales of the PS3. Hell with the PS3 though, drop the player to 199.99, then I might consider buying one.

Because not everyone wants a 3 in 1 system. It would be useless to anyone who wants just the Blu-Ray, but doesn't care that it could run Linux or play games. I think most people would prefer to only buy something like that if they're going to use everything that it does. There's no point at all to buy a PS3 just to play Blu-Ray. I don't care how much cheaper it would be.

Your post just sounds like a sad attempt at getting people to buy the PS3 since it's not doing well in my opinion.

Toshiba is offering their HD-DVD Player for just $299 and 5 Free HD DVDs when you buy it; cant beat that, I think Sony is just doing a desperate move to turn things around, I might soon get the Toshiba one, just waiting to see a few more reviews.

Actually, did you ever stop to consider that it might be the other way around? If you look at recent sales data, you'll see that even with the current enormous price difference between HD-DVD and BLU-RAY players, BD Players acutally outsell HD-DVD players 5:1. The company giving away 5 movies when you buy the player is most likely the company that's worried about their technology... if Toshiba had the better price AND the best selling technology, do you realy think they would give away stuff for the fun of it? The fact that it [Toshiba] has indicated an interest in working with the BDA (Blu-Ray Disc Association) to develop a unified format looks to me like a pretty good sign of despair and an attempt at recovering at least part of the money they put in R&D for HD-DVD before the technology is totaly smashed...


Actually it's $249.99 + you get 5 free movies. Don't pay attention to Sony fans, this promotion is a poke in the eye for BDA and they know there's nothing they can do to compete. That's why they lowered the $599 player to $499 because this Toshiba offer hit them pretty bad. People who want to watch hi-def movies are already buying HD-DVD players and getting free movies for $250. Hell you can't beat that.

Blu-Ray is in big trouble with this, almost all titles I know from Fox and I think even Disney are delayed until further notice (Disney only has 1 movie in August) (meaning when the Blu-Ray standard is finally finished). In the meantime, realisticaly HD-DVD Group is kicking boot with Matrix Trilogy on HD-DVD, cheap players and 5 free movies. This is really a no brainer for anyone. Let's face it even though some titles that are BD exclusive, and are indeed worth having, HD-DVD doesn't really lack movies as well. And with this offer, you can bet your behind the numbers will look quite different in the upcoming months.

Numbers will indeed look very different in a few months... with Toshiba backing up slightly from HD-DVD only and asking for amnesty in the form of "a unified format", I have absolutely no doubt that a company with absolute trust in its technology would ask for mercy and inclusion in the other guy's wagon... or... maybe not... I'm not sure anymore, I'm such a fanboy after all...

Oh... yeah, you might be interested in this from softpedia

Actually it's $249.99 + you get 5 free movies

Bozzie bozzie bozzie, more FUD and lies, batting a 1000!

The Tosh retails for $299. It has been replaced by the Toshiba A20 which retails for $499.

Sony doesn't want to give everything away, HD DVD does because that is the only way to make sales.

Fox and Disney day and date titles are still shipping. You talk August? Most home video companies haven't announced release slates for August! You wanna play that, Universal has 1 title in September and NO titles for October!

Catalog titles are on hold pending BD+. BD+ has been finalized and Fox announced new titles for Japan next month.

Kicking with the Matrix? 14k copies (rounding UP) for both the Ultimate and the Trilogy version. Pitiful.

Even more pitiful are the Warner titles with bit starved transfers because they run up against the 30GB limit.

Pitiful Toshiba can't get anyone else to produce HD DVD units yet, Samsung is still MIA, and selling their BD only players. Meanwhile, Pioneer, Philips and Panasonic are introducing their latest units. Sharp soon.

More pitiful are the guys resorting to boiling their HD DVD discs to get them to play.

Pity the AACS. No companies are going to join HD DVD with no protection (see Fox and Disney).

Anyone buying HD DVD at this point is buying tickets on the Titanic AFTER it hit the iceberg.