Sony Ericsson Speaks on Possibility of PlayStation Phone

In a Pocket Gamer interview with Sony Ericsson's gaming guru Peter Ahnegard at the Leipzig Games Convention, hints were dropped regarding the possibility of a PlayStation-branded mobile phone. Despite the mobile company not having specifically targeted a gaming brand as of yet, the power of the latest phones are "capable of providing gaming experiences on a level similar to PSP, certainly somewhere between PS1 and PS2," said Ahnegard.

One potential challenge that Sony Ericsson is facing is the ergonomics of melding together phone and game. Ahnegard noted that today's slim phone simply can't deliver the gaming comfort of a console, in terms of controls as well as performance. As well, a PlayStation phone was an unlikely possibility up until now because the technology wasn't there for such a device to "be recognized as a true continuation of that brand of products. It's obviously something that we're looking at but right now I can't really comment. Before Christmas, certainly... but exactly which Christmas I can't confirm!"

News source: DailyTech

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I've never been able to do much of anything with all those hand held game devices. The screens are too darn small and it puts too much strain on your eyes.

Think about the older folk with bad eyes guys, c'mon and give us something a little bigger.

Strap a power source on your back, sit a PS3 and a TV on a large tray infront of you, obviously on wheels. This would again be strapped to you so you're not having to take your hands off the controller to push it.

Sorted. You'll look the bee's knees.

Starting on monday, I'll be working for a mobile phone games company for the next year. A year or so ago I'd have been less than enthusiastic about it, considering the status of mobile phone games back then (i.e. they were all ****ty java apps and remakes of games you got bored of years ago), but now I'm really excited because the latest phones have all got some serious power behind them, especially since nvidia and co are developing GPU's specifically for phones =D

For a while, nvidia chipset is just a overhyped products, the best 3d phone around here is the N93i and N95, both with just OMAP chipset.

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation...sure, why not? Both Cybershot and Walkman came out great under the SE brand.

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