Sony Funding 40 Download Titles for PS3

Sony are funding around 40 titles for the PS3, which will be distributed via it's e-Distribution Initiative (EDI), the Playstation's equivalent to Xbox Live arcade. Speaking to Phil Harrison said "a call to action to the development community to encourage them to create games specifically for us, that we would fund, that we would publish, in the online sense of the word, and distribute online".

"We're developing about 40 products that fit that strategy right now," he added. Sony presented one of these titles - flOw - for the first time at the Tokyo Game Show, with others like Calling All Cars (David Jaffe's title, formerly known as Criminal Crackdown) also generating a lot of interest.

"My strategy was to encourage developers to push the machine technically, creatively, artistically - to innovate in lots of different ways. But don't be restricted by ghettoising games into a particular genre, or a particular display mechanic, because what we've seen on other systems tend to be retro 2D games, and we're pushing the 3D capabilities of the PlayStation 3. Plus, the fact that every PS3 has a hard disk drive means that we're not restricted by the size of the download, and that has a huge impact on the kind of game design that you can do," he continued.

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I'm sure these games will be crap, because that's all that Sony can produce with some of their products lately.


Addition: I'm not a Sony fanboy, by the way, but I can still say that not all their products are crap. Their TVs, media players, camcorders, speakers, hell, even the PSP work great. However, some of those products may be overpriced (i.e. Memory Stick Pro Duo) or of lower quality (i.e. PS2s, remotes, batteries, etc.).

the fact that every PS3 has a hard disk drive means that we're not restricted by the size of the download

Aren't ps3 games supposed to be so next-gen that they're supposed to be like 30gb each?

oh so this is not real ps3 games..... but you know I was just thinking that that 1st system to have real game downloads (full games) will win the system wars because they could sell the games for lot cheaper then the stores, but then i got to thinking.... wait the people at MS, Nintendo and Sony are dumb as hell and would charge the same price for a download and store game.