Sony Japan announces free WiFi internet for PSPs

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced a partnership with the world's largest global WiFi community FON - to create a new service, PSP×FON.

Under the partnership the two companies plan to roll out FON access points in the region for a free internet browser via the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Starting today, there are approximately 44,000 FON spots across Japan and over 2,200 FON livedoor spots, which primarily cover central Tokyo. Through this service gamers can use their PSPs to download game demos, clips, wallpaper and the like.

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Commenting is disabled on this article. more reason why the japanese are killing us in techie innovation...there people have technology for free at their finger tips 24/7...we get ISPs, who can't even manage to give us what we pay for without throttling our downloads...the us ISP infrastructure is garage..Why!@!! can't we get with the 21st century....?!!@#$?!