Sony offers college students free PS3 or Vita with new VAIO PC

In 2011, Microsoft offered to give college students a free Xbox 360  when they purchased a new Windows PC if it was priced at $699 or higher. The company recently announced a revival of that same offer this year and now Sony has now apparently realized it can offer a similar deal for college students via its Windows-based Sony VAIO notebooks and PCs.

The company has revealed that eligible college students and faculty members who buy a S, T, Z and L Series VAIO PC can get either a free Playstation 3 console or a free PS VITA console simply by putting in a promo code during checkout at Sony's website.

The PS3 model will be the one with the 160 GB hard drive, which normally sells for $249.99 and the PS Vita version is the Wi-Fi only model and also is priced at $249.99. By contrast, the free Xbox 360 that Microsoft is offering with a new Windows PC only has a 4 GB hard drive and is priced at $199.99.

If you happen to already own a PS3 or a PS Vita but still want a Sony VAIO PC, Sony can also offer users $200 that can be used towards purchasing Playstation games and accessories. If you don't want a new console, Sony can also offer an eight percent reduction on its VAIO PCs.

Source: Sony

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itylernallen said,
Aww, look at Sony pulling a Microsoft.

Yep, that's Sony for ya. Poorly copying the competition is all they do these days and their support sucks. Their stock is crashing and their company value is diminishing fast so good luck to anyone riding the Sony overhype and underdeliver train.

Since you can only get this online at Sony's store I doubt you'll be able to get the free Xbox.

In any case, I'd know what to choose. The PS3 just has much better exclusives.

The new Sony laptops are quite interesting too, especially the S series. 13" or 15", with a backlit keyboard, good matte display, proper graphics and good battery life for a very, very reasonable price!

Jason Stillion said,
Do any Sony Vaio qualify for the free Xbox 360 offer (to college students) and free upgrade to Windows 8.
Would be nice!

drazgoosh said,
I'm assuming this is only for America... right?

You still get quite a big student discount if you buy through the European Sony online stores!