Sony posts teaser video for possible Windows 8 Yoga-like Vaio hybrid

Next week, a number of major consumer technology companies will converge on Berlin, Germany to exhibit a number of future products at the annual IFA trade show. This week, Sony was the first to launch a teaser video of what it plans to announce at the show, and it looks like it will borrow a bit from Lenovo's Yoga line.

The 31 second clip, as posted on Sony's YouTube channel, shows a blank piece of white paper being folder into various shapes. Some of those shapes actually get labels such as "laptop", "tablet" and "viewer", before the piece of paper gets a written Vaio label at the end.

The shapes of the paper in the video strongly suggest that Sony could announced a hybrid PC next week that has a flexible hinge design that Lenovo made popular in 2012 when it launched its own Yoga family of hybrids, which use Windows 8 and RT. Dell has already announced a similar Windows 8 product with the XPS 11, which has yet to be released.

It's likely that other companies will be launching teaser campaigns for upcoming Windows 8 and 8.1 PCs this week ahead of IFA, which starts on September 6th.

Source: Sony on YouTube

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What's to say it's going to be like the Yoga? They could make it like the Dell XPS 12 which can do all three use modes shown in the video.

My co-worker and I have both been using the Yoga 11s, and over that duration, mine has acquired lovely burn marks from what I would assume is overheating. The odd thing is that I've never felt it "hot", yet, the corners are singed on both sides pretty badly. What's worse though is that the casing material is awful; you can't get marks off it to save your life. Lenovo's answer? Toothpaste and a rag. Not even that though, nor other cleaners could get a simple accidental pen mark off of it.

Furthermore, the autorotate seems to give out randomly, and in mine, won't even work right. I can't even demo to customers this feature properly anymore. My coworker, her's has a dead WiFi card now apparently so she essentially no longer has any internet access to her device.

These are only two experiences, but considering it was myself and a friend, I'm shocked to discover how poorly they seem to be handling. They seem fancy, and at $800, you'd think they were. Unfortunately, the build quality I don't think is up to par, and Lenovo doesn't seem to have any real answers behind the product.