Sony PS4 to launch on Nov. 15 in US, Nov. 29 in Europe

Sony has announced that their PlayStation 4 game console will launch on November 15th in the US and in Europe on November 29th. The console will launch in 32 counties by the end of the year and Sony said there have already been over one million pre-orders for the console. The launch price for the PS4 remains the same at $399.99 in the US, 399 euros in most of Europe and 349 pounds in the UK

Sony made the launch date announcement as part of their Gamescom press conference in Cologne, Germany today. The company also announced that all PS4 consoles will come with The PlayRoom, a tech demo-game that's designed to showcase the features of the console's DualShock 4 controller as well as the PS4 Eye.

Sony revealed a number of new games that will be released for the PS4. Perhaps the most interesting reveal was that Minecraft will be a PS4 launch title, showing that the hit sandbox game will no longer be a Microsoft exclusive on consoles. In fact, Minecraft's creator Markus "Notch" Persson posted word on his Twitter account that Minecraft would be coming to the PS3 and PS Vita as well. No other details on the PS4 Minecraft version was announced.

The PS4 will also come with 14 free days of Playstation Plus service, which offers discounts on many downloadable games as well as free games on a monthly basis. Sony also announced that starting tomorrow, anyone who signs up for a year of PlayStation Plus will get 90 extra days for free.

Sony also announced today that the PS Vita portable game console will get a $50 price cut with the WiFi only version selling for $199 and the WiFi-3G version selling for $249.

Source: Sony | Image via Sony

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Why does the picture include the PS Eye, if thats what its called seeing as its not included so could be misleading? If people wanted to use facial recognition and all the other stuff sony toots theyll need to buy it which they probably WILL do soon after, pushing the total cost over what MS xbox is worth with a camera that is inferior.

either way PC awesomeness RULES !!

The ps4 camera is only $60 at the moment on amazon, so how does that push the price over the xbox one? I know you mentioned what it's worth, not total cost, but either way, that doesn't make any sense. Total cost for ps4 would be $460 vs xbox one $499.

Go download the 1080p 60fps version of titanfall which has to be the x1 version seeing as the 360 doesnt do 1080p, it looks amazing fair play it seems like all cut scenes but there are flashes of real gameplay it looks exactly the same and its stunning. Only realised how much when it popped up on my 47 inch HDTV and i was like crap need be PC playing on that. I'll be buying a new gfx card for that when it comes out on PC Now tell me and everyone if the x1 is underpowered. link is:-

master pc race reporting in, what's going on?

oh, a cheap low end gaming rig that can't run PC games goes on sale November. meh.

master pc race signing out.

ozzy76 said,
Funny how some people think a person can't have both a console and PC.

Fail to see why I'd waste the money. I have an old gaming PC from 2010 in my basement I can use if I want to experience Xbone/PS4 level performance.

ozzy76 said,
Funny how some people think a person can't have both a console and PC.

*gasp* One does not mingle with peasants.

Lord Method Man said,

Fail to see why I'd waste the money. I have an old gaming PC from 2010 in my basement I can use if I want to experience Xbone/PS4 level performance.

The best thing about the consoles atm is that we'll actually see PC games designed primarily with directx 11 in mind and being fully optimised, downside when dx12 and 13 hits we'll be back to sub par gaming gfx again thanks to developers coding for x1 ps4 first

Because they release many AAA games on consoles that will never, ever be on PC. There's more to games than graphics & performance but as long as you're happy with just a PC, more power to you bud.

ok what about Rage, they said that was PC first title and ported to console but the performance was appalling on PC. grand theft auto 4, fricking crysis is console first, skyrim, couldnt even put it on 1920 because the framerate tanked cus it was crappily coded... yeah there indie games not AAA at all, bloody Grand theft auto 5 will be a PC port except itll be far different seeing as PC's and these consoles will be sharing the same x64 architecture, so should be ALOT better this time around

Definitely going to wait and see how the early adopters do. Hopefully this wont be a PS3 situation all over again...