Sony PSP to offer net calls

Owners of Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld console will soon be able to make voice and video calls over a wireless internet connection using a soon-to be-released camera and microphone. Gamers will be able to call other PSP owners, PCs, fixed lines and mobiles thanks to software developed by BT. Initially the service will only be available in the UK and will only work on home or one of the 2,000 BT wireless hotspots.

According to BT, the software will eventually be distributed to telecoms companies in 100 other countries. The new PSP service takes advantage of BT's 21 Century Network (21CN), which is specifically designed to use Internet Protocol technology. Eventually, 21CN will replace all the existing networks. More details of the BT service will be released at the Leipzig Games Convention in August, whilst Sony's add-on camera and microphone for the PSP, known as the Go camera, will hit shelves in the UK on May 25th.

Video: PSP Webcam
News source: BBC News

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DSL and PSP target different markets.

DSL been cheaper, and more "simplified" for fun and easy of use.
The PSP is a very powerful, mini-pc, game, multimedia player that had lack of software titles and high cost as it's issue.

That looks pretty cool. I must say the PSP is becoming a better device than it was at the beginning, I was disappointed by it when I purchased it back in 2005.

I think if the software available for the PSP becomes better and more interesting we could see the PSP catching up to the DSL, although very doubtful I believe if Sony were to push for better software they could make this device a lot more successful.