Sony to enter video download market

Sony is to gatecrash the fledgling market in handheld devices to play downloaded video content early next year when it launches a service for the PlayStation Portable.

The decision, which could threaten Apple Computer's grip on the video download market, will allow PSP owners to download a film from the internet to a PC and then to transfer a single, legal version of the film to a Sony device.

Sony, which has sold more than 20m PSPs worldwide, expects to launch the service in the first quarter of 2007 after tying up deals with online video providers.

Crucially for Sony, the service will not require the launch of a new PSP or for consumers to buy new hardware.

The new PSP service has been developed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and will use the Japanese company's memory stick technology to store the video content. Sony is distributing a 4Gb memory stick capable of storing 10 feature films.

News source: Financial Times

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how could this threaten apple? Sony is apparently incompetent at music download (just look at sony connect... brrr). Have they suddenly decided to use drm that is not retarded ? To use commun playable format ? To not infect computer with rootkit? (okay that was a cheap shot...XD) To chage a resonable price?

I'm sceptical.

I think Sony may finally have realized their faults. Sony has to start moving to less exclusive formats and has to stop ignoring the consumer NOW. Sony is a well-recognized name at the moment, so they still have a chance to become the 'mighty Sony' people use to speak of.

Heh.. that actually sounds pretty cool, might have to check it out when its all up and going.

Sony did a really good job with the PSP and they are constantly making it better, with recently releasing the GPS and Camera units.. and constantly updating the firmwire and releasing games that are actually fun to play.

I love my PSP :)

And for some people that will call me a fanboy... im actually a .. FAN (not a fanboy) of Microsoft products.. i just don't see that there HAS to be an unwritten rule "if you like this brand you can't use that brand". So even though i prefer Microsoft products.. i still buy Nintendo or Sony products if they suit what im looking for.

Hey, they forgot to mention the accompanying promotion! Free rootkits for the first 10 million downloaders!