Sony to launch new networked media product called 'nasne'

As Sony attempts to reinvent itself following some poor financial results, the company is trying to branch out into some new product lines. This week, Sony announced plans to launch a new device it is calling nasne. It's a networked storage and media product designed to work with a number of Sony's other products.

Connecting nasne (and no, we don't know what that name means either) to a home network will allow its users to record TV broadcasts onto its 500 GB hard drive. The device can then seamlessly stream both recorded and live TV shows to two Sony products at the same time such as a PlayStation 3 and PS Vita game console, a Sony Vaio notebook, a Sony tablet or an Xperia smartphone.

The nasne can also serve as a media server hub to store content such as movies, photos, and music. It also has the facility to add more hard drive space via a USB-connected external drive.

The product is due to be released in Japan on July 19 and will be priced at 16,980 yen, or about $211. There's no word yet on if Sony intends to bring the nasne over to the US or to other parts of the world.

Image via Sony

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nasne = nasty network. i guess it's appropriate since these are the people who gave us the psn network fiasco.

"nasne" is stupid, but reverse it and it maybe means ensan, perhaps a play on "insane"...

This looks like a upcoming battle - with Steam Box, WMC, etc...

So this works in conjunction with your already existing cable service, correct?
I would love it if I could cancel my cable TV service and just use this device to get the couple shows that I actually watch..

Wonder if Microsoft have anything up their sleeve at this years E3 in regards to a dumbed down Xbox media console thingy, for TV stuff / Arcade only.