Sony, Toshiba, NEC Develop Chip Platform

Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp. and NEC Electronics Corp., said on Thursday they had jointly developed technology to mass produce cutting-edge chips. The platform developed by the three Japanese companies will be used to make system chips, which combine multiple functions on a sliver of silicon, using 45-nanometer technology, the firms said in a joint press release.

Chip makers worldwide are locked in a race to lower production costs on 90-, 65- and 45-nanometer chips, with the smaller circuitry widths allowing more power per chip for complex devices. The three companies are developing a platform for low-power system chips, to be completed in early 2007.

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News source: CRN

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I doubt they would be moving to a completly new chip, Sony has only just put the finishing touches to Cell, maybe they actually mean Cell on a thinner process?

Anyone got the foggiest what this actually means? Are they just talking about a production infrastructure for a certain type/types of chip already commonplace, or is this going to be some revolutionary new type of chip?

CPUs? Device controllers? A bit of detail wouldn't hurt.

I'm just not sure what the real upshot of this is, but I guess if they're talking about early 2007, we don't have long to wait.

Cool, that way Toshiba and NEC can go ahead and keep fabricating HD DVDs and Sony Blue Ray Discs... One second they are friends and the next one enemies.