Sony UK Exec Says No to Smaller, Lighter PSP

Earlier this month, Sony UK boss Ray Maguire said that the current PlayStation Portable is just the "first iteration" of the handheld, and that an improved version will eventually follow. Two weeks after his initial comments, in an interview with, Maguire is taking it all back: "As we sit here today, there is no next iteration of the PSP. If you're referring to what was reported some weeks ago, I was referring to the fact that that's what we do as a company. We R&D everything." Maguire speaks on the constant comparisons between PSP and DS Lite, saying, "They are two different devices for two different markets. It's comparing apples and oranges again, but because they are both portable it's probably a natural thing to do. The marketplace that we need to get into is the PS3 connectivity market. We've been putting quite a lot of energy behind PS3, now we'll be able to split some of those resources and go back to the PSP to make sure we've got some compelling games coming."

News source: DailyTech

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Sony usually waits a good 4-5 years before releasing a physical revision of their consoles. I think their rep isn't bluffing, given past experience.

They would never admit to having a new revision of their hardware coming out. If they had a new version of the PSP or PS3 coming out in a few months they would not admit to it until it was getting ready to be in stores because they know that it would slow down sales of the hardware. Customer that are in the market to by the systems would wait if they knew that a newer version of the hardware was coming out in a few months.

"to make sure we've got some compelling games coming"

Hey it only took them, what, 2, 3 years to realise they need a good game?

Sony talking out of their ass? NEVER!

ProTip: Make a PSP 'iteration' which has actual good games to play.