Sony unveils online solution, region-free PS3

A week after the last wave of PlayStation 3 news, Sony has spoonfed its waiting fanbase more details of the console's planned features.

Speaking from the Games Development Conference in San Jose, USA, Sony said their new console will support the downloading of full games and other content, eliminating the need to leave the comfort of your living room. This service turns the heat up on the PS3 versus Xbox360 battle, as both consoles see the internet as an indespensible next-generation tool.

Not only will the console be online-savvy, but every unit will be region free. This means games purchased in any of the world's regions will run on any of Sony's consoles. This eliminates the need for die-hard console gamers to modify their units in order to play import games.

What is unknown however is how the console will deal with the problems of cross-platforming games from different regions, for example a PAL game bought in Europe may not display correctly on an American NTSC television.

Despite this the news is still exciting, as Sony appears to close-in on the Xbox360 with every new announcement. However Microsoft has already proved it can deliver, as the whole world waits for Sony and Nintendo to do the same.

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