Sony unveils VAIO TT Series: Carbon fiber, Blu-ray, SSD

Sony has taken the covers off of the latest in their VAIO series of notebook computers. The VAIO TT Series of notebooks will be the worlds lightest Blu-ray capable computers available on the market.

Sony's goal with the TT series seems to be focused on packing a lot of power into an ultra portable device. Weighing in at only 2.87 pounds and being less than an inch thick, the new series of VAIO notebooks isn't just about looks. Behind the carbon fiber shell (yes, seriously), you can find an Intel Centrino 2 processor and an optional dual channel 256GB (2 x 128GB) solid state drive with RAID technology. If the 11.1 inch 16:9 LED display is a little too small for you, there's also an HDMI output so you can connect the notebook to your HD television of choice and watch your Blu-ray movies in full 1080p high definition. To round it all off and offer you some connectivity on the go, the device also integrates with Sprint's Wide Area Network, though a separate subscription, through Sprint, is required.

With all this power and grace, there's also a sizable price tag. The TT series of VAIO notebooks will start off at $2000 US, though the inclusion of Blu-ray will raise the price to $2700 and the optional SSD drive will raise the price even high than that. If you have the money, then all you have to do is worry about which color to buy. The TT series will be available in premium carbon black, silk black, champagne gold and crimson red.

Link: Pre-order at

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Where is Sony Link?!
Where is Configuration Page link, i want one, but since it's 11.1 inch with no to Raid & no to Blu-ray, just give me BiG-BiG battery and juicy core 2 duo... and that carbon fiber case

(bangbang023 said @ #4.1)
There is no link on, yet, so I couldn't include any with the article. I did look before posting, though.
no worries...what i googled this laptop is in $3k-4k range

Apple better do something big with the MacBook Air on October 14. These VAIO TT Series look incredible.

You have a Blu-Ray burner so that automatically means that they all read and write? Do you realize how ridiculous that is?
Oh and FYI they most certainly do not all write, there are plenty of BD-ROM drives that cannot burn discs.

(peacemf said @ #2)
all blu-ray drives are READ and WRITE

i've had mine for over a year!

How's that working out for ya? I take it you know the cost per GB of Blu-Ray media is still 50% more than bus powered 2.5"HDD's? :P

Hmmm.. I could buy this plug and play drive which will work on any OS and massive amounts of devices. Or I could buy a $700 burner for a slower transfer, risk of a screwed up burn and almost no compatibility with any device.

People crack me up :P

Agreed the media price is just absolutely ridiculous. By the time the media is affordable I assume the drives will be a dime a dozen, hehe. Sony only burns themselves with this kind of crap.