Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review: 6.4-inch Android Phablet

With no less than 30 devices in their Xperia smartphone range, Sony certainly doesn’t shy away from releasing multitudes of Android devices. However, nothing Sony has released thus far can be likened to the Xperia Z Ultra.

For the first time, the Japanese company has released a phablet, one which truly straddles the line between high-end smartphones and small tablets. A gargantuan 6.4-inch display and powerful Snapdragon 800 processor headline a list of top-end specifications, in a body that’s easily the largest, but also the slimmest that I’ve ever seen. The phone is not alone in the large-display market though, going up against a seasoned competitor in the Galaxy Note, with a new version launching in just a few weeks time.

Is the Z Ultra a worthy contender? Or is this device just simply too impractical for everyday usage?

Read: Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review

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Hmmm, I've been having problems with my Nexus 7 2013. First it was multitouch issues and then now random restarts after the latest update. Maybe I'll switch to this since Asus hardware sucks.

Well this will be quite the fall for phablets.

You have this phone, the Samsung Note 3 and the Nokia 1520. All are very interesting options with their own advantages. I'm not a big fan of huge phones like this, but I'd like to get my hands on them to know for sure.

Am I the only one that finds that the Sony launcher wastes space on top and bottom ? I mean, in the home screen ? The space between top bar and google widget and the space between dock and homescreen icons ?
The samsung launcher also does this, and if u change DPI to something smaller, its ridiculous.

I had a chance to try one out too, and it's really, really, really thin. Almost hard to believe there's a phone in there. Add to that that it's simply the fastest phone you can get right now and you have one great phablet.

I've always said my dream phone would be a 5" iphone, running android os with a lumia camera. This is nearly my dream phone. I mean it's the closest I'm going to get at least.

I really like the xperia products, just wish they would make a google edition but I'm told the rom hasn't been messed about with that much.

6" may be a bit big for me as a phone, I'm not sure. Think I'll probably end up getting the Z1