Sound Borb 1.01

Sound Borb is an audio ambience generating system. The generative nature of Sound Borb's audio engine means that once you hit play, the ambience you're listening to will never end. It will never go to the next track. It will never loop. If you want to listen to the ocean, you can listen to the ocean from now until your electricity goes out. Various ambiences are available for download on the download page, and you can also create your own and post them for download here, if you're so inclined. Parameters are kept to a minimum, so as to make Sound Borb easy to use. Just load an ambience, and start listening. You can adjust the overall volume, the intensity (how much activity is occuring in the sound), and the happiness of the ambience. Or you can set the intensity and happiness parameters to auto, and sit back and listen. Sound Borb is currently free to use non-commercially. Enjoy!

Download: Sound Borb 1.01 freeware
Download: Ambient Borbs
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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Ocean is cool, would be nice to have "Rain" ambience.

Downloaded a few others, but they are too intrusive to be ambient sounds.


There site must have been hammered as my download got interrupted half way though and now there is only a small corrupt zip on the site.

Can anyone provide an alternative download please.

I guess I should introduce you lot to some, in my opinion, awesome professional ambient music mixes at

I really recommend the [Sol System] collection, which stays in the background at all times and is never intrusive.

I got the Thunder one and turned it up really loud, nearly **** myself at one point! haha

A rain one would be excellent.

csabo2 said,
am i the only one that gets 300MB of ram usage using this ****?

The ocean ambience is taking 57 mb out of available 512mb ram over here.

csabo2 said,
am i the only one that gets 300MB of ram usage using this ****?

Hi all, I'm the creator of Sound Borb. I've gotten this comment quite a few times. Sound Borb is not using 300MB of RAM. The Windows Task Manager is just not particularly good at reporting actual memory usage. For more info, read this:

Basically, Sound Borb looks like it is using a fair amount of memory when loading a new Borb, but as it's loading, it's freeing the majority of it. Windows Task Manager doesn't immediately show that the memory has been freed, so it looks like Sound Borb is using a ton of memory, even though it's not. If you minimize Sound Borb, Task Manager will refresh, and show the actual memory usage, which is generally something on the order of 2 to 3 MB.

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