Sound Exchange Posts Deadline

For years, it seemed as if SoundExchange, the nonprofit organization that handles royalty payments for musicians whose work is streamed over the Internet and broadcast on satellite radio networks, didn't know. The group insists that it tried hard to find the choir and about 9,000 other artists who still hadn't been paid. A few months ago, SoundExchange posted the list on its Web site, giving artists a deadline of Dec. 15 before they lose their money forever.

Some people have criticized SoundExchange saying it has sat on its hands. Who, they ask, doesn't know that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is in Utah? And how hard can it be to find the Olsen twins? The list has received a lot of publicity online, and the Olsens, the Mormons and others have been paid, but not without criticism directed at SoundExchange.

After a quick glance, the following artists were still on this list:
* Clint Mansel, from Requiem For A Dream soundtrack
* Coolio, from Gangsta's Paradise fame
* Fat Joe, the fat one
* Flintstones, Hanna-Barbera Productions might know
* 'N Sync, Justin Timberlake might know
* Run D.M.C., MTV and/or Aerosmith might know
* Sir Mix-a-lot, MTV knows where the booty is shaking
* Ugly Kid Joe, the Cats In The Cradle robbers

View: SoundExchange Unpaid Arist List
News source: New York Times: Anyone Seen the Mormon Choir?

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Well, they (SE) are doing a good thing; artists deserve credit for their efforts. The 'critics' should find a way of doing it better or just STFU. =|

yes they are doing a good thing, however SE are being paid to do this, and it seems that they arent very good at doing it, hence the criticisim

oh and just because they are a non-profit org. doesnt mean the employees all work for free yeah

I think it is about time they did this. Its just stupid that they aren't doing what they should be doing.
It's bad business practice, in my opinion. :errm:

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