SoundPackager 1.0

Before SoundPackager, users would need to edit each system sound assignment individually using the default Windows dialog to select a sound for over thirty different events (such as startup, shutdown, close, minimize, errors, etc.) one-by-one. Not only was this time consuming, but in addition users were also forced to hunt down similar sounds to assign for each event.

SoundPackager makes customizing your sound experience in Windows easy. It works by allowing users to download and distribute pacakges of sound schemes and apply them to their system. SoundPackager includes an easy to use editor for making sound schemes that can then be packaged up and shared with others. There are already dozens of sound packages available to choose from with more being added daily.

SoundPackager is a free download. It costs $19.95 to register or registered as part of Object Desktop which includes other applications such as WindowBlinds, IconPackager, and much more.

Download: SoundPackager 1.0 (Shareware, $20)
Screenshot: SoundPackager Interface
Link: Home Page

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Im surprised it took this long for something like this to be developed. If it was about 15 years ago when I totaly got off on searching for the coolest sounds for every possible event, Id be loving this. As it stands now, I only use about 4 event sounds nowadays.

Ill check it out tho..sounds pretty cool.

It's just a nag screen for those who want to help support Stardock making more sound packages. The shareawre version isn't crippled in any way.