South Korean government launches Diablo III probe

The launch of Diablo III earlier this month certainly had its share of issues. Developer Blizzard found that they simply underestimated how many gamers would sign on at the same time to to play the long awaited action-RPG. Blizzard's servers were down for several hours for Diablo III's launch date and the company continues to issue patches and hotfixes that are designed to solve a number of continuing issues.

Now the government of South Korea is stepping in to look into Diablo III's launch issues after receiving complaints from many gamers. The Korean Times reports that earlier this week, the country's Fair Trade Commission actually raided Blizzard's offices in Seoul. The raid resulted in the FTC taking a number of documents and other evidence from Blizzard.

The investigation will look into if Blizzard violated the FTC's law on electronic commerce and commercial contracts. Specifically, the story claims that the FTC is checking to see if Blizzard has created a contract for Diablo III that prevents players from receiving a refund, even if the game itself has issues.

Blizzard has already announced that it has increased server capacity on in order to handle the influx of new Diablo III players.

Source: Korean Times | Image via Blizzard

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I've got a soft spot for Diablo, but as soon as I heard about the whole 'MUST be onlne' to play the game, even in Singleplayer, I dodged the bullet. Now, I'm hearing people moaning about the length of the game being pretty short. I've only got one friend who thoroughly enjoys it, and that's because he's one of those 'Must play through every difficulty setting...' type of gamer. However, I cannot see him sticking around once he's completed it on the hardest difficulty, not unless they fire out DLC in a timely manner.

I think if anything this game has reignited my urge to dig out my D1/D2 copies and play through them. Alas, like every other gamer who has a Steam account, I've got a pretty long list to hammer through... and that's without playing any DayZ Mod... or Football Manager... or the various console/handheld games that deserve my attention.

Well, Torchlight 2 is also around the corner. Bit more fast paced, and well on-par with Diablo 3 minus D3's issues related to online-only play, bugs, and such.

Path of Exile is also going into open beta soon (F2P game), but I haven't played it enough to give a good review of it, other than the graphics are great, offers awesome customization, and has decent difficulty making it quite a challenge.

They did really mess up this release, the average brainless WoW casual will like it so it wont fail as a game, but anyone that was hardcore D2 will hate D3 within a month. After 4 days, i thought, this game is sooo boring.