Space Bat's fate may never be known

Space Bat, the second most famous bat in the world, fate will forever remain a mystery. Space Bat decided to take a siesta on the side of the external fuel tank for the launch on March 15th. A picture of the bat, below, clearly shows the bat attached to the tank during liftoff.

NASA found the bat while doing a routine check to observe foam that falls off the tank to see if a potential impact could harm the space shuttle. "NASA says its fate will always be a mystery, because the umbilical camera that takes pictures of the external tank after separation was broken."

Space Bat can been seen still attached to the external fuel tank as the shuttle cleared the tower. It won't ever be known what happened to Space Bat but clearly the little creature fulfilled a dream by taking the species to a new level, a bat has never been into space before.

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Solid Knight said,
I'm pretty sure it went into space and got irradiated by space radiation and mutated into the Star Bat.

It will then come back to earth to eat all who doubted him.

I'm pretty sure if it fell off a few seconds after liftoff, the flames shooting from the SRBs and shuttle took care of it. LoL you know that it went Bat**** crazy when those boosters lit up.

I would have think after a few seconds the heat would have been too much.

I did a tour two summers ago and on the tour they said 0-400 feet away from the shuttle at launch the heat will kill you, then up 800 feet the sound will kill you.

So I think a few seconds after launch it was gone. If not, a little bit after that the shuttle is going over 2,000mph.

The heat is directed downwards and away, btw. Either way, Wall*E did not have the strength to hold on for very long against the acceleration and surely fell off a few seconds into launch. But since he could not fly (reports are that his wing was broken), yeah, he got cooked.

Unless this was already a super bat, I doubt it hung on once the shuttle hit 6000MPH.....

The sound alone of it taking off probably caused it to let go and fly away... if it got out of the path of the flames.

A small step for a bat..but a huge step for batkind.
This bat is awesome though, a real pioneer!. If humas are extinct, and bats evolve to be intelligent, and go to space one day. They might find out their ancestor went to space. Maybe someday this bat will be a great hero, the jesus christ of the bats!

<sarcastic humor follows> Oh great, not only are we introducing invasive species into our own domestic, we're possibly, spreading our "alien spores" to non-terrestrial worlds.

njlouch said,
Space Bat can been seen still attached to the external fuel tank as the shuttle cleared the tower

So it sounds like all they know it that the bat held on for the first ~5 seconds of liftoff. Who knows how long it held on, but it would have passed out and fallen off long before the craft reached orbit.

njlouch said,
Would it not have fallen off before the shuttle reached "space" levels? If not - then it died - obviously!

don't be stupid, its still holding its breath