Space station computers partially restored

Computers that control navigation and key life-support systems on the International Space Station were partially restored on Thursday after failing the day before. Flight controllers were able to re-establish some communication with the computers overnight, with Russian engineers working Thursday to restore the rest of the system, NASA space station flight director Holly Ridings said. "They've made a lot of progress," she said. "There are some cleanup steps to do still and some investigation."

The U.S. space agency and Russian officials are still trying to determine the cause of a failure affecting multiple computers in the Russian network — computers that control the navigation and control systems that help the station's gyroscopes maintain its orientation in space and also supply oxygen and water to the station. The computer failure occurred in the Russian segment of the orbital outpost, which relies on the resources of 16 nations. While computers had failed before, these failures had never happened all at once, nor to the point where none could reboot. Some of the computers were able to restart Thursday morning, though the reconnection gave the crew a scare by setting off a false fire alarm about an hour and 20 minutes before Thursday's wake-up call.

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Lev Andropov: Excuse me, but I think I know how to fix this.
Watts: Move it! You don't know the components!
Lev Andropov: [annoyed] Components! American components, Russian components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!
Lev Andropov: This is how we fix things on Russian space station! [hits panel with tool]

From IMDB.

it's worth a try but i think safari was released after the crash, maybe they were using the space staiotn as a beta test site :)

And yes sarcasm again

This is funny, so how do you get a PC RMA'd to the space station, do any PC manufacturers ship to the space station :)

HMMM, did someone upgrade to vista on wednesday :)

NOte: Yes this was sarcastic i do not expect they would be stupid enough to use windows, or especially stupid to upgrade to vista at least till SP1, i expect they will have normal PC's however with normal Bios Etc, just running a cut down linux kernal, which i agree is probably designed specifically for specific roles

(although after reading Croquant's link, i really doubt they would be considering vista seeing they're all 386's)

P.S Thats a nice site Croquant, has some real interesting stuff.

whocares78 said,
This is funny, so how do you get a PC RMA'd to the space station, do any PC manufacturers ship to the space station :)

HMMM, did someone upgrade to vista on wednesday :)

I imagine you're being sarcastic; These PCs use custom firmwares/BIOSs, MB, OS (problably dont even have), and are programmed at a low-level to do what they are programed to do; You cant use internet nor use Messenger on these things.

@southside... Well they do have an OS. The old MIR, ISS, and even some satellites run UNIX-based operating systems. They also use Windows laptops, but that's for astronaut use and not mission critical stuff. Someone on Slashdot in a recent story had caught an astronaut on NASA TV asking mission control something about Outlook once.