Spam hits record high in February

Security firm SoftScan claims that throughout February, its anti-spam systems identified a record-breaking average of e-mail as junk: 90.3%. November 2006 was the last time that spam levels were as high (89.73%). The highest levels were seen during weekends, when there is less legitimate email – on one Sunday spam reached a record 96.22%. After sudden dips in spam levels at the beginning of the year, February showed that spammers are still out there in force, the company said.

"Even on a good day when spam levels are comparatively low the overall trend is creeping upwards, which is not good news for email users. Without harsher sentencing and greater fines, there is little incentive for the majority of spammers to cease. Like the botnets the spammers control, even when one disappears a replacement is always available," said Phil Watts, managing director of SoftScan UK.

News source: vnunet

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I never get any spam and I have ATT yahoo dsl. I never fill out anything or give me email unless I have to. Even if I need to I give fake emails. "". The only emails I get are from people i know or my ebills.

Cut off the internet in countries which do (next to) nothing against cyber-crimes and we'll most probably get rid of 90% of the spam. I know this won't happen, but there are way too many people who do this just because they know that the police can't/won't do anything.

I don't know how it can be "regulated" but something needs to be done. 99% of mine gets stopped and in the
junk folder in ATT/Yahoo, but still once a day, I go through it to make sure something legit doesn't get into the
junk folder.
Email is a mess anymore. They are either going to have to somehow find these people and cut off their fingers (G),
or do some sort of signature based email.