Spam Soars, Expect Worse In 2007

The torrent in spam that started in October may slow slightly after the first of the year, but users should expect more junk mail than ever in 2007, a messaging security company predicted Thursday. Spam volume is up 73% in the last three months, Postini reported, thanks to a one-two-three punch of a huge increase in the number of spam botnets and a major jump in the use of both image- and document-based spam. For the year, spam quantity is up 143%.

"It's a triple threat, a perfect storm," says Dan Druker, a Postini executive VP. "Spammers are using much more difficult [to stop] techniques than in the past, and the botnets are much bigger." Some days in November, Postini, which offers enterprises managed antispam services, counted a million different IP addresses bound to incoming junk mail.

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This is one instance where I would love to see the govt (at least in the US) get involved. Pass a law to force ISP's to shut down the connections of compromised machines that are spewing this stuff out until they can verify that they are cleaned up and patched. I wouldn't mind that at all.

They should string any spammer caught upside down by the gonads and take take a cigar cutter to their "member".

The only way to fix this is the upgrade the e-mail standard with support for Captcha's. This is the only way to stop automated spam.

Email is almost dead to me due to the amount of spam in it. Even clean accounts never used to sign up for anything seem to end up trashed with garbage one way or another.

Thankfully Gmail seems to catch 99% of it, which gets my kudos and keeps me happy, but still something needs to be done. They keep on about throttling P2P traffic, but the amount of junkmail floating around and trojan'd machines acting as relays has got to be sucking up the net's bandwidth pretty badly too even if it is just a small emails.


A lot of people's computers are getting infected with hijackers which zombify the machine. When the system is connected to the internet, it sends out emails undetected. I get a lot every day from those systems.

Although, it is not just them to blame, it is also the people who fall for the schemes and buy the wonder drugs and stocks etc...

It used to be funny, but now it is just plain annoying.

Something is (or was) being done about it, but Microsoft kind of threw a spanner in the works by not making the thing completely open source.