Spate of Resignations from Yahoo Engineers

News broke this week that a number of senior Yahoo engineers are leaving. Despite the fact that all of them stressed that their walkouts have nothing to do with the now-failed Microsoft merger, there's a good chance that that's probably what it is.

Jeremy Zawodny and JR Conlin, two Yahoo veterans with 18 years of tenure between them have resigned. Usama Fayyad, Yahoo's chief data officer, and Jeff Weiner, head of Yahoo's Web-content properties have resigned too. Fayyad, is planning to return to Microsoft, reports say.

A number of analysts and commentators have also speculated that the buyout offer may have been put forward as a means of pushing the company towards disarray and, subsequently, towards a mismanaged doomsday. Microsoft has used buyout proposals for this purpose before, and Yahoo's board might have kept this (and ego) in mind when trying to negotiate a higher per-share price.

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Any Microsoft actions in this situation will only strengthen Google's position.
Even if they had been able to buy Yahoo, I think Google's ad and search stats would still have increased.

lol microsoft might be able to hire some of these engineers that are resigning... if so then microsoft win, yahoo (continues to) lose

some_guy - didn't you read the rest of the comments? Usama Fayyad used to work at Microsoft before working for Yahoo, and he is returning to Microsoft.

Yahoo's stupidity is costing them dearly. Hindsight is 20/20, folks.

Stock slides, execs leave for greener pastures...let the yahoo exodus commence...

This could be the first time Microsoft has killed a company by choosing NOT to buy it and run it into the ground. :P

Right, Microsoft caused Yahoo! (or any other company for that matter) to fail.

Nothing gives you credibility like a comment that makes no sense. Do some homework on the software industry.

Not as bad as this guy :laugh:

Harry Weiner's Summary

Harry is a founding partner of On-Ramps, which is a recruiting and consulting firm focused on mid- to senior-level flexible work arrangements.

Prior to founding On-Ramps, Harry joined Glocap Search LLC as its first employee in 1998. Harry built and ran Glocap's Accounting and Operations Practice, which focused on placing COOs, CFOs, Controllers, Accountants, Investor Relations and other non-investment professionals directly into alternative investment funds and their portfolio companies.

Before Glocap, Harry worked with Bear Stearns in its trading operations department. Prior to moving to New York, he spent 16 months traveling throughout Africa and the Middle East, 8 months of which were spent on an off-road motorcycle thumping from Cape Town to Tel Aviv!

(darkpuma said @ #2)
lol is his name actually Mr. Weiner? haha poor him :P

And the joke is likely on you sadly. Most languages pronounce the ei like i, the ie like e. Had his name been Mr. Wiener, then your adolescent joke would make sense.

(warwagon said @ #2.3)

Oh come on, it was funny

ditto, no need for you to get all uptight.

and RE: harry weiner... shame on that man parents! i bet he had to put up with a lot of crap his whole life.

(toadeater said @ #1.1)

That greedy ******.

Who are you to pass judgement on someone's career choices?

Since when was changing employers = greedy?