Spotify finally goes free on Windows Phone

It has been a long time coming, but Windows Phone users are finally able to stream Spotify music for free.

Until now, those using Microsoft’s mobile OS could only stream Spotify on their handsets by signing up for a premium subscription. But through a new update to the app, users can simply hit “Shuffle Play” and enjoy music without any payment.

Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft commented:

We're excited to see Spotify made available for free on Windows Phone. This puts a much-loved listening experience in the hands of Windows Phone fans across the world, and beautifully showcases both our platform and the Spotify service.

The free version of Spotify first became available on iOS and Android back in December 2013, so it has taken a while to arrive on Windows Phone. You can grab the updated app by tapping on this link on your Windows Phone.

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Looks pretty darn good. Tried it quickly, but will have to mess with it a bit more. I may use Spotify more now than I have in the past, if only the desktop software wasn't so "heavy". It likes to take over my system. There is no Windows 8 app. Spotlite used to work but doesn't anymore - a shame.

App looks awesome, only i miss my Songs and Albums. Now you have to search for music, but om Spotify website i'm having a lot of music albums and songs liked. Hopefully this feature will be in there next update.

I sent them an email just yesterday asking for a help document to troubleshoot logging into a free account.

I'm not going to say spotify went free because of me, but, you're welcome ;)

The app will not load in Canada on my Lumia 920 with Cyan 8.1

"This app is not available for your device"
"This might be because the app isn't available in your country or region, it was removed from the store by the publisher, or its exclusive to a different mobile provider." plus another message the phone might not be up to date.

Life is never as simple as they say

Hope they fix it a bit too. Presenting the "Songs" list, showing something useful under the username pivots and stop keep bouncing me into 'Popular Playlists' (STFU, I just don't care!) would be nice. SD card storage too.

Yeah doesn't appear to have been updated on the WP store yet.

Would be nice if news articles checked this out and put a note stating such info, as you certainly can't "grab the updated app by tapping on this link on your Windows Phone."