Spotify overhauls Windows Phone app; still no free streaming

Spotify has finally released its overhauled Windows Phone app, introducing several new features that bring it closer to parity with its iOS and Android counterparts. The Windows Phone app still lacks the Spotify Free option found on rival platforms, however.

First announced in February, the overhauled Windows Phone app comes with a new design as well as two new features: Browse and Discover. The former feature allows users to browse through collections curated by Spotify, while the latter provides personalized recommendations. In addition to the new features, the updated app also brings Spotify's Radio mode to Windows Phone, which plays artist- or genre-based stations, similar to Pandora.

While Spotify's February announcement said the company's free service would be coming to Windows Phone, this update doesn't provide such functionality. A blog post announcing today's update doesn't even note the feature, which the February post said would also be coming "this spring."

The updated Spotify app is available for download immediately via the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Spotify | Image via Spotify

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It's a great update,it runs without glitch on my HTC8x, it is now on the same league as other platforms, and yes Radio is there now.

The Spotify free option is a waste of time, as it doesn't let you play the songs you want. I used to use Spotify when it was ad-supported and it was at least usable - nowadays it's worthless without a subscription.

timster said,
want to listen to the songs you want? go buy them
There's no need to be so condescending. I don't want to buy every song I want to listen to, nor do I need to with YouTube and various other legitimate services. The point I was making is that Spotify used to provide a decent free service and now it is terrible.

Ehm, Spotify on desktop and tablets still works exactly the same. They've opened up more features for users without subscription, not less.

Mugwump00 said,
Still sucks tho. If they can develop for Onkyo, they can manage to cut some WinRT.

I rather see more sites/companies/services focus on 1 cross-os app (website) rather then a ton of different (often crappy on half the platforms) apps.

Neowin has an (unofficial community) app for WP8, I have it but never use it. Mobile version is much better.

In the Neowin case, this is very true. Those large live tiles are very cool - bravo Neowin for getting them implemented - I don't use the native apps now. But a music app has content to manage (i.e. cache) and hardware to integrate with (i.e. vol control widget). Snapping web sites is also a poor experience.

Deezer FTW - 320kbps goodness for £7/m