Spotify Windows Phone 8 beta app launches

While owners of Windows Phone 7.x smartphones can download their own official Spotify app, that has not been the case for people who have bought the newer Windows Phone 8 devices. In November, Spotify confirmed that a Windows Phone 8 version was in the works.

Today, Microsoft announced that a beta version of the Spotify WP8 app is now available to download from the Windows Phone Store. Since the app is considered a beta, we would assume that there might be some rough edges in terms of performance and bugs so be aware ahead of time.

As with other Spotify apps for other platforms, the WP8 version allows users to access millions of music tracks, as well as create custom playlists and share those lists with friends. You can access the service on your WP8 device for free for 48 hours and you can extend that time to 30 days if you sign up for a trial.

In order to continue to use the Spotify Windows Phone 8 app after the 30 days trial period, you will have to pay for the service's premium tier which costs $9.99 a month. This tier will also allow users to download tracks and listen to them offline without an Internet connection.

Source: Windows Phone blog | Image via Spotify

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Will it show the playing song title on my BT carkit? Xbox music does that flawless. Spotify never managed to do so on my iphones, androids, wp's...

jasonon said,
wonder what took that so long. shame there is no free radio

The way I understand it the first app out for WP7 was also a custom app, it didn't use Silverlight or xna like most of the other apps that just work on WP8 without issue. Since MS changed the core of the OS with WP8 those native apps had to be redone over, thus the delay.

Rewriting an app takes a considerable amount of time. So some features will definitely be missing there's not just a button they can click to convert it to windows. I'm just impressed with how well it's working for a beta release.

Oh freaking yes. Same for me. This was the only thing I'd been missing. So happy. Now hopefully this one won't cut out like the Android version did.

Just got it! and it seems to be working smoothly, honestly this was the only app I was missing since upgrading to WP8, I'm happy now.

Jumps skyhigh!!!!! Finally no more need for Xbox I don't work, please restart the phone to make the app work, again... app to play my music.

Me happy : )