Spring 07 Dashboard update for Xbox 360 "delayed" a tad

Enter Major Nelson and his blog of doom:

I just heard from the Dashboard team that we'll have to wait at least another day for the Dashboard update to be released. The update is not being released in the next 24-hours. That is all I know at this time, but I'll get more information tomorrow afternoon (PT) and I will update this post as needed. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Edit: As has been pointed out by some community members, the official press release does say the 'week of May 7th' for a release time. So we're well within that so far. It sounds like some folks missed that part, so that's why I wanted to post this update.

So there you have it folks. Don't freak out if the dashboard update isn't for a day or two now. Plus, over on the Xbox Marketplace, there are two new videos showing the spring update off, the videos are available in all Xbox Live regions, and are free (shocking) to download.

View: Major Nelson's Blog of Doom

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Can an admin or moderator please edit the title of this news article. The Dashboard update has not been delayed at all. They said it would be released starting the week of May 7th, NOT the start of the week on May 7th. They have till Saturday before it can be classed as delayed.

Sigh, I put "delayed" for a reason. Everyone expected the update to be released today, in fact it'll be released the week of the 7th, so thus people have to wait a "tad" more. Whether or not that means tomorow or Friday we don't know yet.

They are in the Gametrailers section, under Gametrailers.com or whatever its listed as. The videos are actually about 1 or 2 weeks old from Gametrailers.com.

They're probably releasing a new version of Windows Live Messenger in order to incorporate the new cross-platform messaging, so maybe that's the hold-up.

how long till their attachment keyboard comes out, for live messenger to be incorperated, that key board is almost a must unless you have/use a seperate usb keyboard (Logitech DiNovo Edge works perfectly with the 360 )