Sprint announces HTC EVO Shift and 4G Mifi

With CES kicking off this week, and Sprint not holding a major conference, it has announced its latest editions to its 4G portfolio this morning. Sprint has finally taken the wraps off of its HTC EVO Shift and its new 4G Mifi, both of which were leaked some time ago.

The new HTC EVO Shift has, from the Sprint Press release " the highly acclaimed HTC Sense user experience, HTC EVO Shift also boasts the power of 4G, Android 2.2™, a 5MP camera, 720p HD camcorder and a 3.6-inch capacitive touchscreen display with pinch-to-zoom capability, HD Video Recording, microSD slot (supporting up to 32GB memory card)" and all of the other standard Android features for $149.99. The device will hit retail shelves on January 9th.

The next device unveiled is the MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot, from the Sprint Press release, the "MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot adds 4G accessibility, an external display with status indicators for battery, signal strength and number of connected devices, and shared storage capability through a MicroSD slot for up to a 32GB memory card. It supports Windows, Macintosh and Linuz [Linux] operating systems. " This device will go on sale for $49.99 on February 27th.

Sprint also boast that these are the 16th and 17th 4G capable devices on their network and is trying to position themselves as the market leader of not only the 4G network, but 4G capable devices.

Image Credit: Sprint

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A GUI that isn't just a GUI (Apparently) all I know is that HTC Sense doesn't allow the use of some bluetooth devices and is to do with their interaction with the user - I am sure a quick google will solve any outstanding questions you may have!

Beaux said,
What is "HTC Sense user experience"? Can this not use Android like any other Android device?

Sense UI is Android with a different spin

no-sweat said,
Not complaining or anything, but isn't $150 a bit cheap? Even with a 2 yr contract...

I read somewhere that Android phones are lowering their prices significantly.

david said,

I read somewhere that Android phones are lowering their prices significantly.

I just purchased a Samsung Transform from Sprint for $50 after the $100 mail in rebate. Smart Phones are finally within reach of the average consumer.

vincent said,
HTC should win a Nobel prize just for being geniuses at designing phones

Although they look good, sometimes I think they all look almost alike. You can even recognize a HTC device without even looking at the logo or Sense UI!