Sprint to sell two Windows Phone 8 devices later this year

Sprint has announced at CES that they will be carrying two Windows Phone 8 devices this year from Samsung and HTC and they will arrive by Summer. While we do know which manufacturers will be providing the devices, no specifics on the hardware were mentioned at all.

The unfortunate news here is that we only know that the devices will arrive by the Summer season which is a little less than six months away. In addition, we have no idea what devices will be offered so all we have at this point is that Sprint will sell Windows Phone 8 devices.

While the news may slightly appease Windows Phone fans on Sprint, Microsoft is surely excited as it will have another carrier in the US that will be offering Windows Phone devices.

While we wait for Sprint to give us more information in the coming weeks, those on Sprint should know that the wait for Windows Phone 8 devices will be over in only a few months.

Source: Sprint

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breaking news: sprint has windows phone now!

breaking news: sprint doesn't have windows phone anymore!

breaking news: sprint decided it would have windows phone again!

For being this summer I'm guessing we're looking at 2 new devices we haven't seen yet. Probably these could be what MS's tweat was hinting at.

We've known about the odyssey for a while now, just another mid-range device for Verizon. We really don't know anything about these new devices for Sprint though. I bet Sprint wants something new that the other 3 carriers don't have.

Yeah, but as far as what MS was hinting at earlier, that seems to be it, the two tweets were sent out one shortly after the other