Spyware Doctor Starter Edition has SMALLER Signature D/B.

According to discussions in This PC Tools Forum Thread, the Spyware Doctor Starter Edition, which is available as a Freeware Download as a part of the Google Pack, has a MUCH Smaller Database. Even during updates it is allowed to download FEWER updates than its subscribed versions.

Most users of the Starter Edition are of the impression that the only limitation in the Starter Edition was that some of the On-Guard facilities were not available. So, what exactly has been left out, other than the obvious ~400K fewer malware signatures in the Starter Editions !? Its a question which may worry users of the Starter Edition.

If this is indeed the case, then PC Tools should have made it clear on its page, here, that apart from the absence of real-time active monitors, the Starter Editions Malware database is also limited, and consequently it does not detect or clean 100% of malware !

Link: WinVistaClub

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I would hardly call it a ad considering that's pretty bad press for Spyware Doctor.

I just recommended a friend to setup his grand-parents computer with Google Pack to have an automatically managed anti spyware - I hope the protection is still decent or I will be ****ed off at Google.

I have the full version it does not work with Vista or XP it causes my system to lock up or come to a complete stop. Have to hard boot to get a restart.

"Even during updates it is allowed to download FEWER updates than its subscribed versions. " <-- Sounds like it's sayings its a good thing... "allowed". Just doesn't fit.

(FluffyGuts said @ #3.1)

Totally agree ;)

I don't! Have you all bothered to check when was the last month / year the Spybot S&D definitions received their last update? I'll give you some help. The latest immunization files are dated July 25, 2007.

I don't get what the big deal is regarding this "complaint" about the free Spyware Doctor Starter Edition. I've used their free and paid versions. Their website CLEARLY states what protection is offered by both versions. The first time I switched from free to paid, I noticed the larger definition update. Those extra files are needed for the additional capabilities of the paid version. They are not used by the free version.